Saturday, March 12, 2016

The North Sea's Bounty: Fishing up a Storm

We went fishing today! Hilde's father set the nets yesterday, and after a breakfast of tea, cottage cheese and strawberries, and bread and brown cheese (brunost),  we set out to pull them in.

I'm the wimpiest Alaskan alive, and Hilde saw me well outfitted. I was wearing stretch pants, wool long underwear, a tank top, a shirt, a wool shirt, two pairs of wool socks, a scarf, a headband, a huge waterproof snowsuit, and green boots. I also had a pair of woolen felted mittens that her mother made. They were amazingly warm, even when wet. Despite all of my wrappings, I still ended up absolutely freezing. My toes went completely white. So it goes.

We pulled up brown crab, cod, lumpfish, pollock, ballan wrasse, Hyas coarctatus, and lots of very stubborn seaweed. I helped pull up a few of the nets, one of them was stuck to the bottom by stubborn seaweed, it made me look so feeble as it fought me with a vengeance. Hide and I emptied the nets, and Hilde put the nets away while I gutted the fish.

Afterwards we ate a mountain of cod poached in salt water, boiled potatoes, and carrots. It wasn't the most interesting of meals, but it was tasty and traditional. We also poached little parchment packages filled with the cod roe. It was very very subtle, rich, and delicious. 

Got Crabs?
The Impressive Rebecca pulls tiny fish from the nets!
I'm a pretty pretty Mermaid!
The male lumpfish had a bumpy slimy patch on his chest that looked rather rude...
So, of course, I loved him!
The End

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