Sunday, September 29, 2013

Applewood Smoked Salmon Steak with a Morel Cream Sauce

I got this lovely recipe from one of my many Martha Stewart cookbooks. I smoked the salmon in a grill. I put a tinfoil bag of soaked applewood chips on the heating element. The salmon was hot smoked, and therefore cooked thru. Adam was in charge of removing the steaks from the grill, and accidentally let them go a little long, thus the singing of the edges. But they were still delicious! The morel sauce has shallots, butter, cream, morel, dill, salt and pepper. It was very good.

Adam loved this dinner. I personally prefer fresher flavors. I think if I make this again I will pair it with a slightly bitter salad. Perhaps arugula. It is my intention to continue to experiment with meats, especially smoking and curing.

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