Monday, February 13, 2012

Brioche Tart

Yet another wonder from my Baking with Julia book, this deceivingly complex tart has a brioche crust and creme fraiche filling. It is brought to life by dried fruit poached in a dry white wine vanilla carmel, and covered with a carmel white wine zabaione. It is a pretty special dessert. Adam loved the richness of the poached fruit; I actually preferred this tart with oranges instead. But, no matter what fruit I can think of with it, this tart would be delicious.

The recipe it is a bit involved, but if you wanted to, you could make the components from different recipes and compile a tart much like this one.

1. You begin by making a brioche dough, keep it chilled and roll in into a circle. Inside of a flan ring, or the ring of a 10 in. springform pan, create a crust with edges for filling. Let it rise until it has doubled.

2. Mix one cup of creme fraiche with one egg. Dimple the bottom of the crust with your fingers so it won't bubble, and spread the cream in it. Sprinkle it with sugar until the sugar is no longer absorbed by the creme.

3. Bake the tart at a 275 degree oven until it is golden.

The tart alone, I had some crimping trouble, my brioche was a little too dense!

Top this tart with a light zabaione and the fruit of your choice. It is really special.

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