Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Snack- Hot Smoked Mackerel

I went to a Russian shop I really like called, simply, Eastern European Deli. They mostly have candies and russian cured meats, but they often have something I simply must eat! I began going there because they carry my favorite candy bar: Kinder Bueno. It is something to behold!

This time I saw, in the glass case, an array of dry and vacuum-sealed fish, which I was informed were cold and hot smoked mackerel. I had to eat it! Adam and I had it for a snack with oranges we brought back from Texas, and some of the other things I found at the shop. I found some sunflower seed halva. I am pretty much a halva fan in any of its billions of forms. I also got some unseasoned, unhulled, dry, pumpkin seeds (Adam requested I season some of them). Finally, I bought a loaf of poppy seed bread that was made at the shop. It was very good the fish and tea.

Having a whole fish in front of you is a pretty special thing. It reminds me that what I'm eating was alive, which I believe is an important thing not to forget. It also makes me feel like an ancient monarch, eating this special food with my bare hands. Anyhow, I'm pretty glad I bought this little fish. It was very oily and tasted like a huge sardine, it was excellent.

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